Bed of Trees Pillow Scroll©

1. God is creative love.

2. The Soul is our home inside, longing to merge with consciousness and be recognized.

3. Our reason for being is to get to know God and learn to put creative love into action.

4. The Soul is all knowing and God's will. It must be awakened, nourished and exercised but it is covered with baggage that keeps us from remembering. As soon as it is communicated with, it starts eliminating coverings brought in through the emotions, mind and body. As we keep moving towards Soul, the parts of us that are lost, confused, and in conflict eventually find the way... Heart and Soul, mind and body meet to communicate together. Wisdom emerges. It is at this time, we will feel the shift of moving into the light of our real selves.

5. Soul can be tapped through the unconscious made conscious. It is not the mind. It is not the body. It is not the emotions even though it works through them. The Soul does not need spiritual exercises. The unconscious needs spiritual exercises in order to become conscious and fulfill the need to connect with the Soul. Until this merging takes place, fragmentation is a part of life and human potential cannot be fully realized.

6. Dreams naturally connect the unconscious with the Soul. Writing them out in all their vividness, sharing your heart emotions with God through the symbolism you created together for growth is a way of working through earth problems in concert with God. As we are haunted by the echo of our own imperfect behavioral patterns, a higher good starts preparing to place us into a new fieId of awareness where we can begin to "play ball" with God... God doesn't just open the gates of heaven in a sweet manner. It is rugged; it is also rectifying. The laid down roots will ground, nourish, and raise you to new heights... therein lie the hidden treasures... under and above the cover of false, ignorant self.

7. Fear and shame must be shared in this quiet secret resting place that sparks the truth... that you are a chiId of God. You... tender face... are one of the buds of who God is, in all of your innocence and in all of your mistakes. Love that was always there is the spark rekindled... glowing... becoming recognized as your original first love. It will just pour out and go... flowing like a river into everything you touch... igniting, it becomes as a flame-center of your true energy. Inside Heaven's Gate, fire and water are synergetic.

8. God needs you as much as you need God. In infinite stillness, you cry out to one another. "The Hole"... seemingly endless pit of longing wll be filled and satisfied through communion with God whose power is far above every government, authority... or significant other love relationship.

9. ... From the infinite well of creative love, communication art buds to flowers in the Master Artist's hands... Home is passed on... merging with others preparing the space of the open heart.

10 ...


Art available to purchase soon. All art is patent pending.

Penny James, Bed of Trees Foundation – Masterful Communication Through Nature