Peters Valley Gallery, Guest Comments
on Bed of Trees Project

A pleasure to step into the dreamer's bed of spring! – Shirley W.

It would be interesting to sleep and dream in a plant bed.
– Jennifer M.

This is really sleeping in nature!

This is a cycle of life bed, comforting and mysterious. I just loved it. I hope it gets to be seen by many, many people. – Debby S.

This creation deserves a place in art history! It sings and dances and cries out to me. It says "We are one". – Ginny Y.

Beautiful and breathtaking. – Barbara C.

I love seeing things that are so full of life! – Laurie B.

To me its as if the whole earth is at peace and resting joyfully. Everyone! Thank you for a beautiful image! – Jessie M.

Thank you for a glimpse of heaven... – Dawn J.

"So sleep perchance to dream!" Inspiring! – Regina D.

"Oh my golly!" What a treat!! – Helen V.

The bed would do well in a gazebo on a summer's night surrounded by fireflies. – Tom D.