0 Degrees of Separation


Consider the possibility of loosening up the soil around someone’s heart…making room for new seeds to grow. Imagine a voice from your heart so compelling that it causes a ripple around the world and an echo into eternity. It can happen.

I believe everyone has a life story worthy of recording and being shared. It is my hope that my books will encourage you to translate your intimate thoughts into the written word and communicate the importance of your uniqueness as well as commonality.

For the past five years I’ve been committed to writing a trilogy of books now near completion. They will be published through Bed of Trees Projects.

We are living in such an interesting and trying time in history. Through the internet individual voices can now be heard, information shared as never before. We can also publish our own material…our own stories. After careful consideration I have decided to share my process as it progresses, mistakes and all since this is unknown territory for me! The end result should be helpful for others with the dream of getting their work out.

Presently I am buttoning up O Degrees of Separation where circle of life paradox weaves through Nature, God, and Culture. The memoir is rich and raw, sprinkled with humor about Truth in family roots America; how a careful selection of words can deeply affect the entire world.

Penny James, Bed of Trees Foundation – Masterful Communication Through Nature

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