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Bed of Trees Project

Bed of Trees titled God Calling, serves as a symbol of where we take our fondest hopes and dreams, secret fears, fierce passions, give birth, and perhaps experience closure. The most important intimate events of our lives happen in and around the bed.

The artist conceives of her beds as a form of interactive communication art, wherein nature shares its own stories of wisdom. The mattress area is filled with soft, vibrant, intricately woven ground cover and invites the participant into a restful, reflective space to dream anew and continue the creative process.

Construction of Bed of Trees:

Hard Rock Maple trees were selected for their durability, beauty and majestic root systems to serve as bedposts. Planters made from clay were formed in the crevices or open spaces in the roots to contain delicate forest flora and tenacious vines that climb to meet and interweave with the trellis-framed canopy.

The canopy is inlaid with panels of iridescent waterglass, casting rainbow pools of light onto the mattress area below.

In lieu of mattress and box springs, a living collage is composed of several varieties of moss interspersed with a multitude of tiny star and bell shaped flowers. A video of the arrangement is available upon request.

Bed Dimensions:
7 feet wide by 10 feet long by 8 feet, 3 inches high. The bed will accommodate a queen-size mattress.

Penny James, Bed of Trees Foundation – Masterful Communication Through Nature