Around this time last year in WX just like this, I spotted a mangled cat left outside to die. I named her Huerfano which means Orphan in Spanish. She was pregnant and I just couldn't bring myself to having her spayed until she had her kittens. Now I have Socrates, Phantom, Sonelius, Romeo and Montage. Huerfano has been the most wonderful mother! And I have been blessed to see her and them healthy and happy as one  Big Family. None will be having any more babies through Bed of Trees Projects Foundation! From this experience, I reached out and have again been blessed to have gained an army of new animal lover friends, which brought me into yet another similar incident that I want to pass on. A dogs mouth and legs were duct taped and left outside to die in the same fashion as Huerfano. Again, it didn't happen. The man who did this has a name. It is RUSSELL SEESE. He was employed at the Conservation District in Pike County and was not fired from his job until we all joined together to make it happen.

I'm here to say Don't give up. Don't shut up. Name names. We Collectively Can Make the World a Better Place for All Creatures.

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